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This is where revolutions are born. Where social change begins. This is where you raise awareness and funds. Where you change the world. This is your key to tomorrow. This is your Ketto.

  • Varun Sheth


    Founder and CEO


    A very dapper Founder and CEO, he has a background in finance and a foregrounding in genius. We watch him in awe most of the time. Which is how we've noticed he eats a lot of junk food. He also wears a Ketto tee-shirt every Friday. And he shares chocolates.

  • Kunal Kapoor




    He is the very cool, very chiseled face of Ketto. He doesn't really need an introduction but we enjoy talking about him, so we're going to. He's the Co-Founder and a brilliant film and theatre actor. He's also super clever. And he has a heart of pure, sunshiny gold. Our only complaint is that he's too busy doing good to shoot the breeze with us.

  • Zaheer Adenwala


    Co-Founder and CTO


    He is the high-tech Co-Founder and CTO. He's the master of cool and a bundle of energy. Thankfully, he expends some of it at the gym before jogging to work. We love him because he does proxy workouts for us too. He also has a wicked sense of humour. So if you want a good laugh, his number, oh, he's right here. Shhh...tell you later!

  • Rajiv Sobhani


    VP Business Development


    Boy, are we happy to have Rajiv in office! He treats us all to yummy biryani every now and then! And he's always up for a post-work drink on Fridays(provided you are done with your work!). He lives the adage, "work hard - party harder", focusing in office like a Jedi and transforming into a total social animal afterhours.

  • Eshita Munshi




    She could design an entire animated film if she wanted to. So we've stocked all the cabinets with chocolates and cookies. We are hoping they'll entice her enough to make us a film every week. Okay, every month. Bimonthly? Fine, how long does it take to make an animated film single-handedly?

  • Santoshkumar Pande


    Sr. UI Developer


    Meet the transformer. Alright, not the one you're thinking of. But he's just as cool. He's the definitive computer ninja. He types in all kinds of garbled stuff in an alien language called HTML and lo and behold, there's sense-making stuff to see and read. Now that's magic!

  • Kanishthkumar Kuril


    Sr. PHP Developer


    He's the sleek and lanky tech whiz with a license to thrill. His James Bond looks and detective skills make for a killer combination, we think. He's always troubleshooting away our problems, making molehills of mountains. And you know the magic wands that fairy godmothers use? We bet it was him that got it zapping perfectly. We're so sure, we'll bet all our chocolate we're right.

  • Snehi Parmar


    Head of Finance


    Our resident animal lover! When she isn't punching numbers, paying checks and deducting salaries, she is obsessing over elephants. Not joking, if you get her absolutely any object with an elephant imprinted on it – or better yet, a baby elephant – you have definitely won her over. A handy tip for future employees of Ketto to prevent salary deductions.
    PS – She isn't as strict as we make her sound

  • Nikita Sharma

    Nikita Sharma

    Content and Campaign Manager


    Nikita Sharma must have some sort of magical powers. Yes, we're absolutely, positively, irrefutably sure there's something supernatural involved. How else could she transform a restaurant menu into a delightful party hat in a split-second even as she edits campaigns?! So we keep a watchful eye on her and offer her plenty of sweets to throw her off our scent. Because everyone loves candy. Even those with secret powers.

  • Suchita Parikh-Mundul


    Content Writer


    She startles easily. Our breaks consist mainly of frightening her with sudden sounds while she's deep into a blog post. We're not cruel, though. We offer her chocolates to soothe her nerves afterwards. We also enjoy introducing her to new technology and then watching her confusedly navigating through it. We're not cruel. Scout's honour.

  • Shrusti Mavani


    Jr. Content Writer


    We could all take a leaf from this little nightcrawler's book! Shrusti has been known to dance the night away and still come to work chipper and bubbly. We don't know how she does it. Maybe she's found the Fountain of Youth and Energy. We've organized a night watch to figure it out. Oh, she's also ultra-media savvy and Instagrams like nobody's beeswax.

  • Sidharth VD




    This guy refuses to drop out of college and become a permanent fixture with us. He's going to make us wait till he graduates. So we refuse to talk any more about him. We also ate all his biscuits. And now we feel guilty about it so we'll add that he's an awesome intern. And we wish him the best always.